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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Students and Parents Frequently Ask:

Why would a student take an online course through CDOHS?
Chaffey District Online High School (CDOHS) offers a wide range of options for students. At CDOHS, students can complete a semester course at an accelerated pace or choose to stay with the pace of the traditional 18 week semester. Students can recover failed credit, take a subject not offered at their traditional school, improve their technology skills, solve a scheduling conflict, and try a different method of learning.  Students at CDOHS focus on a few subjects at a time which is decided upon during the ongoing meetings with their CDOHS assigned teacher.  CDOHS is also a convenient option for amateur athletes and actors who need to complete their education in a flexible environment in order to meet demanding schedules.

Can a student earn a diploma from CDOHS?
Yes.  Students completing CJUHSD graduation requirements (link to grad requirements) are eligible to receive a traditional high school diploma bearing the mark of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District and Chaffey District Online High School.  Each spring, students completing graduation requirements and in good standing are eligible to participate in the regularly scheduled graduation commencement ceremony.

Are CDOHS courses for credit?
Yes. All CDOHS courses are completed for credit and evidence of such is provided in the form of an academic transcript. Five credits are awarded for each course, the equivalent to the traditional high school semester-length class. Whether an intra or inter district transfer, CDOHS staff will review each students transcript to determine the appropriate academic plan with a goal of graduation.  

Is CDOHS accredited?
CDOHS has applied for accreditation and will be undergoing visit from the Western Association of Accredited Schools and Colleges (WASC) during the spring of 2013. CDOHS offers online courses which have been approved by University of California meeting approvals for “a-g” college entrance requirement.  All core courses offered by our online provider(s) are also approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Do students take the courses on their own time or school time?
During a meeting between student and CDOHS teacher, academic meeting dates and times will be determined.  The typical CDOHS student is expected to spend between 25 and 30 hours per week to complete a variety of lectures, assignments, discussion boards, quizzes and projects.  Some courses (Lab Sciences and Physical Education) have a periodic on-campus lab requirement.  By taking online courses students can study where, how and when they want. Courses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While work can be completed in a flexible format there are scheduled times where the student will meet on campus to discuss academic progress, participate in live collaboration, take quizzes and/or tests, and participate in Science and or Physical Education Labs.  As students feel they need academic support they may contact their teacher to arrange for an on campus tutorial session.

What are course preparation requirements?
All CDOHS courses are academically rigorous and considered college preparatory and will cover an entire semester’s worth of material. As such, it is important that students understand the need to set aside time to not only engage with their instructor but complete all of the required assignments. Students are required to complete a course portfolio for each online course enrolled in; online teacher will assist with this process.

Do students need a computer at home?
CDOHS highly recommends that students have continuous access to a computer with Internet access, preferably in the home. If students don't have a computer with reliable internet access at home, they can use computers daily at the 7th street campus, public library, internet cafes and community centers.

Is there a teacher for every class?
Yes. All CDOHS teachers are Highly Qualified credentialed teachers who will work closely with students in each course to provide guidance and frequent feedback as students’ progress through the curriculum.  Teachers are available in person Monday-Thursday at the 7th street campus, by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails are generally returned within 24-48 hours.

Will students need to be online at the same time as the instructor?
The majority of CDOHS courses are conducted asynchronously, allowing students to participate at any time of the day. With the need of the individual learner in mind, we afford both CDOHS students to work in the online environment when it is most convenient for their schedules. Some Advanced Placement (AP) courses do require that students attend live chat sessions with their instructor and/or classmates. Some courses (Lab Sciences and Physical Education) have a periodic on-campus lab requirement.  Times and dates are determined by the instructor.  Teachers can be reached by email when students have questions or they can arrange a time for a live phone conference or online chat. Emails are generally returned within 24-48 hours.

What is the difference between "asynchronous" and "synchronous" discussions?
Asynchronous discussions, or "threaded discussions," are intended for students to post messages at their leisure, or as otherwise instructed by their teacher. Synchronous discussions, or online "chats" are intended for all students and their instructor to be present to communicate in "real time" via an online service.

What about assignments, quizzes and tests?
CDOHS courses all have assignments that students turn in via a digital dropbox housed in the course. These assignments are received, graded and returned to the student by the teacher who also posts the student’s grade to an online grade book. Courses also contain quizzes and tests which must be performed in the presence of  CDOHS staff.  At times a teacher may assign discussion boards and a culminating project.

How many courses can students take at one time?
With graduation the goal of all CDOHS students, an academic plan is established to ensure students are on track to graduate on time.  On average, a full-time student will take twelve courses per academic year in order to meet graduation requirements. Student schedules are determined on an individual basis and may vary. Students should be cognizant of the high level of work required in online courses and the expectation of 25-30 hours of academic progress each week.  .

Can a student enroll in CDOHS if they have a learning disability?
Yes, accommodations can be made to meet the student’s learning needs. Students on an IEP wishing to transfer to CDOHS are required to have a current IEP which states CDOHS is the least restrictive educational environment.  If you have questions related to special education services rendered through CDOHS you are encourage to contact CJUHSD Director of Special Education, Kelly Whelan at (909) 988-8511 ext. 2610.

What is the cost for attending CDOHS?
Chaffey District Online High School, a school of the Chaffey Joint Union High School District offers free and appropriate public education to students residing in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Inyo, Kern, Orange, and Los Angeles.

Who can a student contact if he/she is having trouble with an online course?
CDOHS teachers are available Monday-Thursday at the 7th street campus between the hours of 9:34-11:38am and 12:08-3:20pm.  If student requires assistance on a day they are not scheduled to be on campus it is advisable to contact teacher to set an appointment.  It is the goal of CDOHS to always have a staff member available to offer assistance as needed.  Teachers will communicate email and phone connection opportunities to be used after hours and on the weekend. 

Where do students go to log into their classes?
For convenience, there is an APEX "Login" button on the CDOHS homepage. Students may also access their classes from any page on the website by clicking on "Login" located in the top right of each website page. Students also receive this link in their first day of enrollment and CDOHS recommends bookmarking this page for future reference.