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Course Expectations

All CDOHS courses are equivalent to a semester length high school class and can be completed in as few as nine or as many as 18 weeks depending on the course format and student's individual pacing.  To maintain proper pace towards graduation, students are required to complete 30 credits each 18 weeks.  With prior approval from administration, students may accelerate their graduation status by completing up to 45 units per semester.  In order to remain on track during the course of a typical semester (18 weeks) students should maintain the minimum of 25 hours of study each week.  In order to work at an accelerated pace students are encourage to work beyond the 25 hour minimum.     

During a course of study students will be assigned a portfolio which needs to be maintained and ready for teacher review at request.  This portfolio will serve as the notebook for each course and may be used, at teacher discretion, during various assessments.  During group sessions and/or online course blogs students may utilize portfolio to assist with instructional discussions. Students are required to meet weekly with their teachers where they receive instruction and classroom activities and labs.

All online courses will have formative (check for understanding) and summative (for grade) assessments.  Summative assessments must be completed under the supervision of a teacher or CDOHS staff. 

Course expectations will be discussed during teacher and student orientation meetings.  Questions regarding course work may be addressed with teacher or administration via one-on-one conversations, email, or phone.