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Intra-District Transfers

Transfer of Students


Students within the Chaffey Joint Union High School district have, based on adopted board policies (listed below), opportunity for transfer either through “Open Enrollment” or “Intra-District Transfer”.  If you have questions regarding an intra-district transfer to the Chaffey District Online High School please contact Mrs. Bridget Turner at Online High School: (909) 460-2656 Ext 2021.



Inter-district transfers shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Carrillo in the Child Welfare and Attendance Office at (909) 988-8511 Ext 2713.




  • Open Enrollment

The Governing Board provides options that meet the diverse needs, potential,
and interest of District students.

Students who reside within District boundaries may apply for enrollment
in any District school.

The Superintendent or designee shall determine the enrollment
capacity of each District school and establish a random unbiased
selection process for the admission of students who reside outside of
a particular school's attendance boundary.

The following procedures will be followed when a student who has
successfully participated in the open enrollment process wishes to
revoke his/her request?


a)          Prior to attendance at school of choice - Family will submit a
letter to the Assistant Principal of Discipline. All requests will
be honored.

b)          Student currently attends school of choice - Administrative
transfer policy will be followed. Written request, with rationale,
will be submitted to the Intra-District Transfer Committee.


  • Administrative Transfer Enrollment

Intra-district transfers may be allowed for extra-ordinary reasons or for
administrative reasons that are in the best interest of the District and the students.




Intra-District transfer forms may be obtained from the guidance office of student’s school of residence.  Completed forms are to be submitted to the Guidance office of the student’s school of residence.  

All requests are heard by the Intra-District Transfer Committee and either approved or rejected.

If the transfer is rejected, an appeal may be made to the principal of the school of residence. If the transfer is still rejected, an appeal may be made to the Assistant Superintendent, Alternative Education.

Transfers are normally considered for the following reasons:

  • To continue at their current high school in the event of a change of residence.
  • To attend the same school as younger siblings.
  • Recommendation by the administration of the school of residence in documented cases of serious home, school, or community problems making it inadvisable for the student to attend his/her school or residence, with the indication that the transfer would be in the best interest of the District and the student.
  • Recommendation by the administration of the school of residence on the basis of specialized curriculum needs not available in the school program. The studies must be required for a particular college or vocational program where the student can document a history of a high level of participation. The student must maintain enrollment and make satisfactory progress in that special curricular program, or the intra-district transfer will be revoked. That special curricular program must extend over two (2) consecutive school years. 
  • When a change of residence is imminent and housing secured is evidenced by escrow papers, utility bills or rental documents, a waiver may be granted for not more than one semester in advance of the actual move. 

Once an intra-district transfer is in effect, neither the receiving nor sending school nor the student may effect a transfer back to the original school.