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Information Meetings

Find out more about what the Chaffey District Online High School has to offer by attending one of our weekly information meetings.

Information Meetings:
Every Wednesday at 3:00pm
CDOHS Campus
Room C-4


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Chaffey District Online High School


The 2016-2017 school year is off to a great start at Chaffey District Online High School!  I am so proud of our wonderful students and staff for working hard right out of the gate.  From what I am observing around campus, this will be an outstanding year.  I would like to encourage our students to continue working hard on their classes.  Please take advantage of the time you have with your teachers to ask questions and gain clarity on the work you are doing. 

There is a lot of help and support available for both students and parents at the Chaffey District Online High School.  Students, you have the opportunity for one-on-one help from your teachers during class time.  Keep the goal of graduation in the forefront of your mind, and advocate for yourself:  Ask for help whenever you need it!  Parents, we are hoping to create a true partnership with you in helping your student succeed in school.  If the three main forces – students, parents, and Chaffey District Online High School staff – are all working together, this will be a wonderful experience!  We hope our parents and guardians will stop by at any time to see an administrator or counselor.  You may also easily reach your student’s teachers with School Loop. 

Our goal is to support our students so they can be successful with our online curriculum and have a positive high school experience that is tailored to their needs.  Another goal we have is to have our parents connected to the school.  The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is firmly committed to having all of our students graduate ready for college and careers.  These are certainly goals that are worth working hard to achieve! 

Students, you are fortunate to be at a high school that is designed to meet your individual needs while providing the opportunity meet the A – G requirements so you will be ready for the college of your choice upon graduation!  In fact, one of our goals is to increase the number of A – G classes our students are completing, in order to ensure multiple options are available for a great college experience upon graduation. 


Mr. Bart Goldstein, Principal
Chaffey District Online High School


Operation Clean Sweep


Chaffey District Online High School is proud to introduce a partnership with the Ontario Police Department through Operation Clean Sweep.  The philosophy behind Clean Sweep is to work together to reduce juvenile offenses on school campuses, to foster a spirit of cooperation between the police and schools, and to increase campus safety.  Administration and Campus Safety Officers are trained to recognize specific juvenile infractions and utilize the Juvenile Citation Program.   Students will face a judge who may impose a fine, community service, and/or counseling classes.  These penalties are in addition to whatever disciplinary consequences are imposed by the Online High School administration. Behaviors that can result in a citation are:

  1. Truancy
  2. Possession or use of tobacco (or products)
  3. Littering
  4. Fighting or disturbing the peace
  5. Keeping property
  6. Petty Theft
  7. Minor in possession of aerosol paint can
  8. Affixing graffiti
  9. Under the influence of alcohol or marijuana
  10. Possession of alcohol
  11. Possession of marijuana

Operation Clean Sweep is a multifaceted program that seeks to enhance the security of all students in school while, at the same time, establishing responsibility, discipline, and accountability in respect to student’s actions.

Complete Summer Mailer Online!


The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is now offering the option of completing the summer mailer online for returning students. If interested, please complete and return the Online Authorization Form to the Chaffey District Online High School to get your Aeries Parent Portal account.

Online Authorization Form: English, Spanish

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The Chaffey Joint Union High School District is proud to introduce you to the premier, free, public online learning opportunity in the Inland Empire.  As the 9th school in the district, the Chaffey District Online High School brings an innovative learning opportunity allowing student learning to reach across several dimensions. Understanding not all students learn in the same fashion, CDOHS will offer learning opportunities tailored to the individual needs of the independent learner.

Knowing the benefit of online learning, and its various models, is the drive of our staff to adhere to the goals of the district:  Increase Student Achievement and Improve Instruction; utilizing innovative methods.  The online learning opportunities of CDOHS are aligned to the requirements of the UC/CSU bound student as well as those desiring to graduate from high school with a traditional diploma from the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.  We also address the needs of credit recovery as well as grade remediation for some course work. 

Chaffey District Online High School is proud to be offering a free, public education to the students in San Bernardino, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.  We look forward to partnering with you to ensure our school is the best it can possibly be.  With online learning becoming a popular option of innovative learning we look forward to serving such needs.


Mr. Goldstein, Principal

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